What We Do

millerrupp specializes in public relations, marketing and content creation for the world’s best IT and software companies. Because our clients work in nearly every market sector, so do we, developing, building and growing relationships with the world’s media brands who cover the products they design, develop and sell.

We work primarily with the trade, sector-specific and business publications that our clients target to reach the audience that buys their products. Because our clients’ messages are usually highly technical, we make them more personal and impactful, helping buyers understand the problems solved because of the products offered.

We help our clients create a stronger presence in their respective markets, built their brand recognition, educate buyers to the benefits of their services offered, attract more buyers and, ultimately, sell more products.

Since 2012, we’ve secured thousands of pieces of media coverage for our clients in some of the biggest trade and business publications in the English world. We’ve helped improve the image of established brands. We’ve created dozens of thoughts leaders. Our results speak for themselves, but our clients are happy to do so on our behalf.

Who We Work With

Our clients are primarily IT and software companies worldwide seeking coverage in English-language trade and business publications. On occasion, we do work with non-software and IT companies when our objectives and goals align. We work with a variety of clients worldwide to help them gain media coverage, bring their product messages to market, communicate with their buyers, and create a communication strategy to further their position in the respective market.

Services We Provide